2020 PROJECT 52: 15/52

I’d like to say that I know exactly what I am going to create and then create it. But I don’t.
Most of the time I just know small bits and pieces. This holds true whenever I am after a specific picture and then choose a completely different one like I have in past weeks. But, most all selfie sessions start with an inspiration image, today’s was no different.

I knew I needed to wear my overalls.
I knew I needed a bouquet of flowers.
I knew I needed a white or neutral background.

Today’s inspiration photo I found on Pinterest by Courtney Elisabeth.

Check on the overalls. They really are the most underrated garment I think, and I say this because I bought these almost a year ago and wore them the first time today. Ooops. But seriously, how freaking cute are they?!
I bought the flowers I was drawn to out of the bunch. Yellow roses with a hint of red.
I remembered the abandoned house I pass frequently, knowing it was white but something else draws me to it every time I see it.

So armed with the things I knew I needed and my camera; I go shoot my heart out.

I make it sound so easy, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

After you do this so many times and you learn from past mistakes and how your face reacts you adjust on the go and the sessions end up being a lot shorter than they used to be! Guys, my face, it’s a serious problem sometimes. We’ve worked through some hard times together these 15 weeks!

Sometimes I know the concept I’m after, and sometimes I don’t.
Today I didn’t.

I just know I was drawn to all of it and after seeing them together I now know why.

• Fresh Yellow Flowers = Freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimist, intellect, honor, loyalty and joy.

• Abandoned House = What was once a home is now a complete surrender to natural impulses without restraint or moderation; freedom from inhibition.

• The overalls = because they are cute.

Once upon a time my life, my home, my existence was good and then it wasn’t even tolerable. I abandoned it. I surrendered it and left it where it was.
After awhile things started to become clear, I began to dance in happiness and positivity…
I became a fresh yellow flower.
My home, my existence, it found joy.

The conceptual part of photography never really made sense to me but I created extremely conceptual images even during grad school. At times I still don’t completely get how it comes together because for most photographers they have to have all the hows and whys and meanings before they begin shooting. Whereas I am drawn to things, shoot, and then see the final hows, whys, and meaning of everything I just created.

Ultimately my brain is a mess, a beautiful mess.
And I kinda love it.


My take on the inspiration from above:

And the rest because of who I am as a person…