2020 PROJECT 52: 13/52

What a time to be alive huh?!

A global pandemic.
Social distancing.
No toilet paper in sight.
Stay at home orders.
Cooking at home. Every damn night.

I knew cooties were a real thing in elementary school damn it!

For real though, this is a scary and uncertain time.
Are we overreacting? Are we underreacting?

Its the uncertainty and the unknown that has all going bat-shit crazy.
I am feeling, and have been feeling every single emotion imaginable.
Stress tops the list though. So much stress.

We all need that one thing that helps keep us sane.
That one thing that lets us relieve some of that stress.
That one thing that we can use to escape reality.

And we need it to get us through this current reality.

No, I’m not talking about booze! Or am I? lol. It does help sometimes.
Ooh, ya know what’s tasty? Coconut Rum with some Pine-Cranberry juice.

You’re welcome!

But no, I’m talking about a healthy outlet, like a hobby.

Mine is photography.

My moms is sewing.

My stepdads is remote control airplanes.

So I’m relying on mine more than ever during all this. I have to.

So, while we are social distancing and confined to the house I decided to go to the beach, drink said cocktail in the jungle, read a book under the rainbow and send my love to everyone I wish I could see.


I was pretty impressed with my chalk drawing skills for not using them in an embarrassingly long time.