2020 PROJECT 52: 12/52

This week I became the mom of a 14-year-old! How in the hell did that happen?

She is so talented.
So smart!
So beautiful!

I’m honestly not sure how I got this lucky; to be her mom.

But I’ll take it because she is an amazing little soul.

I still remember sitting at home 14 years ago with the worst stomachache ever and getting up to pee a million times all the while talking to my mom on the phone and telling her I was sure I was dying.

As calm as she could be “Candace I think you might need to go get checked out at L&D”

I told her with an awful attitude because I was so uncomfortable “Mom, I’m only 32 weeks I’m sure I’m fine but if you want me to get checked out, you can come and get me and take me in.”

She did.

And she was right.

I was in preterm labor.

Well crap.

They were able to stop my labor for maybe 12 hours because the next day as they were about to discharge me Aaliyah had other plans and was born 6 hours later.

She was the tiniest little thing, only 4lbs and 19in.

And now she’s 14! Still tiny, because neither of us got the tall gene but she is every bit as amazing as I hoped she’d be.
And I am so glad that I get to be her mom and watch her grow into a beautiful, talented, and special little soul.


Here is this little thing at 2 weeks old when she was discharged from the NICU with my young 18-year-old self.


Here is her jaw-dropping talent!