2 Jerks

Day 50 – 52 |

I’m really slacking on this posting daily thing, they are all becoming jumbled posts :O ooops.

This weekend was finals weekend.

I rewarded all my hard work with lunch/dinner at 2 Jerks, which was fantastic by the way! We kept hearing it was a better place to eat than another BBQ Soul Food Restaurant on island. I don’t think they compare to each other because they do not serve the same style and flavoring of food, while they both have chicken (YUM!) they each prepare and cook it differently. They are equally delicious and both will be place we frequent until we leave island! I just wish both were closer to my house! I called Kristi on the way there and it took very little to talk her into joining us. Shes a sucker for not cooking! lol! I am too though and we have to eat!

The fish-eye was on the camera still and I was too lazy to change it, I really am enjoying the fish-eye and cant wait to use it on more landscape and beach/sunset scenes! I love that it is distorted but it can shoot more normal if it is completely level and dead on. Coming up this week are two life-style newborn session so I promise to put the fishy-eye away for them. 😉

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